Running Gear

Running Gear

The Horstman Hydrogas®, InArm® and Rotary Damper suspension elements for tracked vehicle applications constitute part of the larger Running Gear system. The Running Gear comprises the components which support the vehicle and transmit the vehicle drive, via the Drive Sprocket and Track to the terrain to achieve the desired motion. The Drive Sprocket is connected to the vehicle’s transmission located at either the front or rear of the vehicle hull side. The Drive Sprocket interfaces with Track Links via parallel sets of driving teeth, having the equivalent pitch to the track links. An Idler Wheel, at the opposite end of the hull side, is adjusted by a Track Tension ram to maintain track tension. Track Tension Rams can be manually set, using  a mechanical or hydraulic input , or remotely adjusted by hydraulic pressure supply. Correct Track Tension is important to optimise vehicle trafficability avoiding excessive Rolling Resistance or the risk of Track shedding, particularly during turning manoeuvres. Active control of Track Tension improves track retention in severe terrain or manoeuvres and reduces track wear.

Track Support Rollers are positioned to support the top (return) run of Track between the Idler Wheel and Drive Sprocket to aid Track guidance and prevent contact with Suspension Units and Bump (jounce) Travel Stops. Road Wheels are located on the Suspension Arms and run over the inner surface of the lower Track.

Road Wheels and Idlers are rubber-tyred to minimise transmission of track-induced vibration. Lightweight Road Wheels minimise running gear weight, but must be engineered to adequately support the vehicle loads without damage due to applied stress or environmental damage. Wheel diameters must be adequate to avoid overheating of the tyre material and generating an adverse thermal signature.


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