Compressible Fluid Strut

Compressible Fluid Strut

Horstman Compressible Fluid Struts (CFS) are designed for use on wheeled and tracked vehicles.  A single unit combines fluid spring, shock absorber, damping and actuation functions into a lightweight, low volume, compact and economical design compared with alternative conventional suspension systems.  

Horstman’s CFS is also suited to vehicle upgrades for original designs with shock absorbers. CFS provides a bolt on suspension upgrade alongside a traditional spring.   Units can be supplied with a variety of end fixings depending on the suspension geometry, as well as an option Ride Height Control System to expand mission capability.

The CFS benefits from reduced response time and permits higher damping power  than that of a hydropneumatic system because the CFS system doesn’t require a hydraulic flow in order to respond to load and shock impulses and is therefore well suited to severe, high-speed cross-country applications.  In addition the use of a CFS actuator design also permits the actuator to be moved through its total stroke with the movement of a relatively small amount of fluid.

Wheeled vehicles - the CFS can be used on trailing arm, leading arm, McPherson and wishbone arrangements.

Tracked vehicles - the CFS arrangement is typically used on trailing arm but can also be used in a bogie arrangement.

Vehicle weights from 4 to 200 tonnes.

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