Precision Manufacturing

Using our growing range of CNC and conventional machine tools (listed below) and aided by our centrally located inspection department and their extensive range of measuring equipment, we are able to support development activities alongside components in manufacture supporting on-going programmes.


Utilising our experienced assembly fitting team we take manufactured and approved parts and undertake all proof test and sub-assembly requirements detailed in route-cards and technical specifications. Component parts and sub-assemblies can be assembled in our Class 7 clean room or in another area of our assembly facility depending on the unit assembly requirements. The assemblies are then painted in our paint shop, before being packaged and dispatched in accordance with our Customer’s requirements.

Supply Chain

We closely monitor our internal capacity and plan the use of our supply chain to fill the gaps we forecast. This element of our business is closely monitored and we only sub-contract either due to over capacity or if it is a process that we cannot undertake in house to meet Customer requirements


Horstman is committed to Quality in all aspects of the service it provides to its Customers.

Our scope covers, the design, development, manufacture, modification and repair of vehicle suspension components, gearboxes, actuators, high pressure-high purity gas vessels, auxiliary power generation engines and electromechanical electronic instrumentation including information display and control equipment for primarily defence applications and other industries, with the provision of logistic support and associated spares. Precision machining and assembly of mechanical and electro-mechanical items including titanium and other materials.


As a key part of our Advanced Quality Planning process and depending on Customer requirement we may opt to prepare a detailed Quality Plan to address all requirements of a purchase order.

This will be a comprehensive plan to ensure compliance to our existing approvals and take account of any special/specific requirements requested by the Customer.  Within the plan all agreed applicable documents will be listed, including Horstman procedures, drawings, specifications and any test schedules applicable.

When this document is finalised it will include all mandatory conditions to control the quality of manufacture, from assembly, inspection to final test and dispatch. A major element of the plan will include; Documentation and Change Control, Design Reviews, Risk Reviews,  Deviation from Specification, Sampling Plans, Records, Supplier Quality Assurance and Release of Equipment documents.

Capacity Listing

Horstman Defence Systems Limited – Machine Tool Capacity