New / Demonstrator Programmes

New Programmes (vehicle programmes that are entering or in production)

  • Project M – New Track Vehicle using Hydrostrut® suspension (awaiting customer approval to publicise).
  • M777 – Running Gear and Balancer Posts.
  • Paladin PIM – High Performance Rotary Damper.
  • Bionix – Supply of the Hydrostrut® suspension for the heavier variant vehicles in the Bionix fleet.
  • Terrier™ - Supply of Running Gear, which includes light weight road wheels, top roller assembly, lock & non-lock Hydrogas® units, Idler Gear Assemblies, Track Tension Ram and Electronic Control Unit (ECU) Controller.
  • CVR(T) - Hydraulic Rotary Damper to improve platform stability and ride as well as supporting greater protection levels.

Legacy Vehicle Fleets (vehicles which are in service with Armies around the world)

  • Warrior – High Performance Rotary Damper
  • CV9030(N) – High Performance Rotary Damper
  • AS90 – Running Gear including tracks, road wheels, idler Gear, Hydrogas® suspension,  top rollers
  • Challenger 1 – Design of the worlds first production Hydrogas® suspension system.
  • CrARRV – Design of the Hydrogas® suspension system.
  • FV430 – Suspension Upgrade Kit of Parts for Field Replacement
  • Primus SPG

Demonstrator Programmes (Vehicle programmes prior to series production)

  • Ranger 6x6 – High Performance Hydrostrut® suspension with variable height capability.
  • Nexter Leclerc MBT - Suspension upgrade to allow Increased vehicle weight for additional armoured protection.





Latest News

M109A7 enters service with Horstman suspension

Military personnel and defence contractors celebrated delivery of the first M109A7 Self-Propelled Howitzer to the Army during a ceremony on April 9. "The M109A7 stands at the vanguard of a series of ground combat modernization upgrades, which will significantly enhance the Army's combat fleet for decades to come," said Heidi Shyu, the assistant secretary of the Army for acquisition, logistics and technology. Horstman Inc based in Sterling Heights Michigan designed, developed and manufactured the hydraulic high performance rotary damper system which provides the vehicle with an exceptional cross country mobility as well as chassis stability during firing.

IDEF Exhibition Turkey 5 - 8 May 2015

Come along and say hello! We are in Salon 2, UK Pavilion stand 216/D. We are showing the Timoney designed 9 ton independent axle system manufactured in conjunction with Texelis complete with our Horstman advanced next generation suspension system. Horstman’s suspensions are standard fit on the Tulpar IFV and the Pars 6x6 Armoured Combat Vehicle, as well as the British Army TERRIER Engineer Vehicle, Korean K9/K10 family of tracked vehicles, US Paladin PIM program and the German Army Puma IFV. Horstman can offer new and innovative suspension systems as well as upgrades for tracked and wheeled armored fighting vehicles

Horstman selected for Upgraded Spearfish

Horstman is proud to announce that we have been selected to design and manufacture the modified fuel tank of the upgraded version of BAE Systems Spearfish.